Immigration And The United States Essay

1118 Words Jun 4th, 2015 null Page
Immigration seems to be a topic today that can definitely create a rise in debate, whether a person is for immigration or against it. The United States sees thousands of immigrants making their way north into a country they feel will give them a better life. When I first applied to the University of Oregon, my major was Political Science. Furthermore, I knew when I graduated; I wanted to apply to Law School. During my first term, I took a class called Immigration and Farmworkers. As I learned more about the migrants that worked on the farmlands to provide the food that we eat and saw how they were treated, that changed everything for me. I immediately applied to the International Studies program with a focus on Law and Human Rights, but also a geographical focus on Latin America. I discovered over time, when people would ask me about my major and my intentions in my career, I would receive a lot of unflavored approval regarding immigration. The majority of people that disapproved felt that immigrants should not be allowed to stay in our country, because they are hurting our economy and they are getting a free education. So with this in mind, I have decided to focus my topic on how immigrants are affecting our economy. Are they truly hurting the US economy like a lot of people may think or helping it by contributing while they are here? Additionally, are immigrants really getting a free education? Once they have received this education, are they staying here in…

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