Immigration Act Of 1921 And 1924 Essay

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The immigrants that entered the United States from the 1870’s through the 1920’s proved that they were different from any immigrants that came before them. This generation of immigrants was the most diverse group of people to enter this country during this period. Not only were they from different ethical backgrounds, they practiced different religions, their rules of life were different from ours, and among many other things. While the immigrants had, a hard time living in the US, they still defeated the odds and achieved economic success in multiple institutions. Unfortunately, because these groups of people changed the dynamics of the United States, Americans took that as a threat to the social, economic, religious, political, and overall the “American” life. These immigrants would have to face many counts of discrimination. The discrimination would include laws passed, like the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and Immigration Act of 1921 and 1924. Over this period the American people showed just how much of the country was nativism during this time.
The immigrants that came here during this time came from many places like, Eastern and Southern European, East Asian, Indian, and Arabic countries. People primarily travel to two geographic areas specifically, the east coast and west coast. They mainly resided in urban cities such as San Francisco in New York City. Immigrants used Angel Island as their entry into the US if they chose to come in California and they came through…

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