Immigration : A Country Founded By Immigrants Essay

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In America, a country founded by immigrants, immigration has consistently led to the economic strength and cultural diversity that makes America what it is today. Legal immigrants pay taxes, consume goods, and most importantly create entrepreneurial ventures that provide jobs for the countries workforce. While many naysayers will point to the worn out 'more people fighting for the same number of jobs ' argument, this is simply not the case. This argument is invalid in a number of ways which will be explored below. Many modern schools of thought have proven that any tangible detriment that can directly be attributed to immigration is overshadowed by overwhelming evidence in the opposite direction. New data has recently surfaced in current studies and polls that both indicates concrete data in support of this point in addition to reflecting an increased level of immigration support of many indigenous citizens. It seems that even in America the tide of opinion is turning in regards to this issue. While this matter has been a hot-button political issue for almost a decade now, the fact of the matter seems to be that immigration is indeed more helpful than it is harmful. The three basic methods that will help illustrate the stance that immigration is beneficial to society are: factual logic, documented public opinion and historical evidence.

In regards to factual logic, it is one of the strongest pieces of evidence in support of immigration. Statistical data has proven time…

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