What Are The Pros And Cons Of Migration To The United States

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In the United States, immigration has been going on for more than 100 years. United States citizens having their own about them living in our country. Some opinions may be bad or some may be good. For many years, people who were born in the United States are either against immigration or for immigration depending on the situation they have dealt with for example positive economic changes, taking spaces in college that Americans want to go, or dealing with unnecessary problems. However whether people think they are good or bad, the United States’s Bills of Right determines the freedom of immigrants. Many U.S. citizens with families who immigrated to United States that were not documented to be citizens may agree to this the Bills of Rights …show more content…
causing overpopulation causing conflicts within schooling and jobs. According to some university, they are made up of “[more than] 45 percent… immigrants” trying to be Dreamers (Gonzales B.2) They may want to be Dreamers and have a good future however, they are taking up spaces colleges that US citizens been working hard for through high school. People who worked harder than immigrants gets denied due to the lack of spaces. These immigrants may be really smart but they can stop people’s dreams they’ve been thinking to do. A US citizen student who was thinking to himself that there is “no chance in being a civil engineer” even though there were many sacrifices, it had came to nowhere due overpopulation in those schools that offers great ducation. (Gonzales B2). Those who planned their whole life has to change since it cannot go the way they want it to go. Having to realize they have to change and do their alternate career. The immigration is beyond wrong because some of these immigrants who are poor and uneducated are filling up jobs that are being wanted by Americans to make money in result it is making Americans more angry for those immigrants who can’t speak english fluently leading to misunderstanding in doing the job while Americans can speak fluently and do the jobs correctly (Porter 15). Those unemployed Americans may be protesting immigrants to leave and not come back. Americans do not know which immigrants to trust since any can be a

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