Immigrants All Over The World Essay

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Immigrants All Over The World Immigrants are part of every country nation. People from all over the world immigrant to another country looking for a better opportunity to succeed in life, but some country have very restricted immigration police, making it hard to do dso. The reason for it is, many countries see immigration as bad thing, they see as, people are entering to their country to steal the national jobs, change the country culture and so on. But, they don 't know that immigrants can be beneficial for the country. They can increase the economy, they can share their knowledge that at some point can be helpful.
It is not new that people from around the world only want to immigrate to a country where they see the possibility to succeed, where they can easily get a job and work. But entering to some countries is very hard, it is a long process that sometimes can be overwhelming. Therefore, there a need to reformulate the immigration police. As Teresa Hayter mention ' 'Freedom of movement should be the new common sense ' ' (The New Common Sense). Which means that immigration should be open broad, people should have the right to enter and leave a country whenever they want, they should not face any problems, when most immigrant intention is progressing in life.
United States is the country with most immigrants, and most employed immigrants(USA Today), and definitely higher chances for immigrants to succeed than other countries. US have a very restricted immigration…

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