How Does Imaginia Influence American Foreign Policy

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To Ms. President of Imaginia, Our work in creating influence throughout the international system should now look towards foreign policy in the United States. While it may difficult, Imaginia can begin to influence American foreign policy. To do so, we must focus on looking at work of institutional and state-level factors as to how much of American foreign policy is created. Bureaucracy, and public opinion deeply affect the decisions the United States makes in regards to international issues and how they interact with other states. Creating positive relations among the institutions and public will help so we can influence foreign policy decisions that will benefit Imaginia. The first factor we must take into account is whether the state is a unitary actor or not. Professors like Jennifer Mitzen argue that a state acts like an individual, especially in regards to ontological security. Mitzen points out how individuals seek ontological security over their sense of self. For example, individuals rely on their association with society to relieve anxiety over fear of physical harm and death based on the Terror Management Theory. While individual death is fleeting, having their identity connected to a …show more content…
In order to gain our own influence among decision-makers, we must be part of the motivations for bureaucratic groups. While states do seem to follow relationships they have internalized, the state is not one unitary actor, but rather several interest groups competing for the solution they want to be implemented by the state. Rather than individuals, the groups they are a part of are more influential, especially in giving information to the public, who can greatly help or hinder the elite’s decision making. If Imaginia can gain positive opinion by both bureaucracies and the public, we have a better chance of influencing American foreign policy to our

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