Ilm 5 Essay examples

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Assess the effectiveness of own organisation in measuring team performance against organisational goals and objectives. I will be assessing how the Arla Stourton site measures team performance against goals and objectives and how effective these measures are. In my opinion the site at times struggles to measure team performance against its goals and objectives as I believe that the objectives are too vague and are not always fully understood by the people who are meant to be achieving them. A lot of this I believe is down to the size of the site and the very distinct differences between the different departments. At times, the objectives of one department and another conflict while they are trying to achieve the same goal. All of this …show more content…
This is then simply rolled out again by the person watering down these objectives to their subortdinates and so on. People on site then have a review in July and a close down dialogue in March followed by a new set of objectives for the coming year in march again. The problem is that the dialogue objectives are vague and never SMART. There is very rarely any review between dialogues and as such objectives are rarely met, and if not met so long as the manager seting the objectives achieves their ultimate aim then there is no follow up action. The site is totally task based and any site aims that are task based are not set to teams as objectives, they are set to site as objectives and as such the only person responsible for hitting the targets are the site director. The objectives set to teams and inderviduals are items such as ”achieve good attendance, few lateness, performe a lean task per year” as you can see these objectives are neither SMART or achievable as their vagueness results in poor

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