Illegal Immigration And The United States Essay

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Brizzia and Maria, two twins from Zacatecas, Mexico at the age of 5 fled their country along with their younger sister and mother in search for a better life. They were escaping what was then the mistreatment and poverty that they lived in their entire lives. They were both told never to reveal their identity to any one because they would fear being separated from their mother and possibly be deported. Brizzia and Maria along with their sister stayed home from school several days throughout the year, whenever Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers performed random checks throughout the city they lived in. They had to live most of their lives hiding in the shadows in fear of deportation. From struggling to hold in their identity they began school with no previous knowledge of English which made it harder for them to learn it since it was never used at home and were placed in special courses to learn English and catch up to their classmates.
Illegal immigration has become a controversial topic in politics within the United States of America. Some believe that undocumented immigrants are vital to the U.S. economy because they take the jobs Americans do not want. Others, however, have the opinion that undocumented immigrants should be punished for doing things illegally, arguing that undocumented immigrants are taking the jobs of the American people and abusing it by not paying taxes. Although there are speculations that support the claim that immigrants should be…

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