Essay on Illegal Drug Use Inside The United States

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Illegal drug use inside the United States is an issue that has been around since the early times of this nation. It is a persistent issue that has been in the front lines of many cities throughout the early 80’s as well. To fully understand this problem it is important to understand the history of the problem, ways its been fought and addressed, and what still needs to be done. The history of illegal drug use in the U.S. dates back from the early to modern years of our country. Drugs like amphetamine, cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, opium, and heroin. Amphetamine was first made in 1887 then became popular in 1920’s among the medical community. Medical professionals would use amphetamine to raise blood pressure, enlarging the nasal passages, and stimulating the central nervous system. Abuse of this drug was first noticed during the 1930’s under the marketing name Benzendrine as an over the counter inhaler. During World War II, amphetamine was given to soldiers as a way to combat fatigue, improve moral, and increase endurance. Amphetamine was then used to fight depression and as the use of this drug increased so did a black market for it. People buying the drug illegally included truck drivers, athletes, and college students. The earliest reference to injecting amphetamine is during the 1950’s with widespread practice coming during the 1960’s. The use and trade of this drug slowly began to develop into crystal methamphetamine, the smokable form of methamphetamine…

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