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ACCT 3211 Intermediate Accounting I
California State University, East Bay
Spring 2014 Instructor: Pei-Hui Hsu | Office Hours: MW 4:00-5:30 pm | E-mail: pei-hui.hsu@csueastbay.edu | And/or by appointment | Office: VBT-333 | Class time: MW 2:00 to 3:50 pm (AE-277) | Prerequisites: Completion of ACCT 2251 or equivalent with a grade of no lower than “C-“ |
Course Overview and Learnings Objectives

This is the first course of the three sequential courses on intermediate financial accounting (ACCT 3211, ACCT 3212, and ACCT 3213). The main objective of this course is to develop an in-depth understanding of basic financial statements and external financial reporting for a for-profit entity. Key accounting issues about income
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* WileyPLUS registration code for homework submission and extra learning resources.
Register the class on Blackboard * ALEKS code for Accounting Cycle (Corporation), ISBN: 0073135100

Additional * Blackboard. I’ll post up-to-date class information, such as announcements, class handouts, and PowerPoint slides on Blackboard. * Textbook website http://bcs.wiley.com/hecs/Books?action=index&itemId=1118147294&bcsId=8063 * A four-function calculator. No financial calculator is needed. * Scantron form (No. 882-E, available at the Pioneer Bookstore) to be used in exams. Office Hours
Please e-mail me if you would like to meet me during my office hour in advanced.
I encourage you to make full use of my office hours. Office hours are intended to help you with any questions you may have after attending lecture, reviewing materials, and attempting homework assignments. Please understand that office hours are not intended as make-up lectures for those

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