If He Hollers Let Him Go Essay example

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If he hollers let him go, is an essay by Rachel Ghansah. It is a review of political, personal, and family reasons of Dave Chapelle, famous American comedian, to move back to his hometown yellow spring Ohio. When his career and popularity was on the peak, he left his stand up show and moved, though he appeared on TV and gave some official interview later. According to some critics, it was more emotional decision, than thoughtful. Rachel Ghansah was trying to find out Dave’s true motives. It is necessary to notice that this literary piece is based on a real research; the analysis has concrete background. The author used method of including observation and method of interview. The essay also includes Dave’s own explanations, which were given by him during some interviews. Though, the comedian denied a request for direct interview with Rachel, she managed to cope with her tasks for this essay with the help of Dave’s mother.
Dave Chappell’s quit was accompanied with a great scandal. In year 2004, while his standup performance in Sacramento Dave stopped his show and turned to his watcher berating them for constant shouting of the catchphrase from his popular Rick James" sketch. He blamed them in stupidity and claimed that he had been disappointed in the auditorium. Afterwards, he claimed that the Chappell’s show was ruining his life. He also confessed in his dissatisfaction in show’s direction. According to show’s scenario, he had been joking on following topics: cultural…

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