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Vietnam National University – HCMC
International University


International Economics

Note: The outline with specific venue and time, and updated learning materials for the current semester will be provided to the enrolled students by the lecturer

Lecturer: Ho Nhut Quang. Ph.D Room: A.401 Telephone: 0903339767 E-mail: Consultation Hours: 13h.00- Mondays - Thursdays

Teaching Assistant: TBA Room: TBA Telephone: TBA E-mail: TBA Consultation Hours: TBA

Should the students wish to meet the staff outside the consultation hours,
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The lecture materials will be uploaded in Blackboard to help the students to preview the materials and to concentrate on listening and critical thinking during the lecture. This will help students to interact with the lecturer during the classroom. The sessions for presentations and discussions comprise case studies as well as answering some theoretical and conceptual questions, which help the students to see how the concepts are applied in the real context. In some cases, students will present the case to the class and discuss with the peers.


3.1 Course Aims

Knowledge in the subject would enable the students not only to understand various broad economic issues and patterns of international trade among countries or regions but also to evaluate effect of tariff and non-tariff policies as well as economic trade subsidy ones at a country and in the world. The subject also provides the students with necessary abilities to evaluate international economic variables as a whole such as Terms of Trade, Effective Rate of Protection, the Offer Curve, etc.. All of this helps the students understand more about the trade policies applied by foreign countries and know how to plan for a company’s short- run and long-run strategies concerning its international market entries.

3.2 Student Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, students should have developed skills in


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