Identity And Independence In George Orwell's 1984

Identity and Independence in 1984 When a person's identity and independence is completely taken away, it shows that the person is now under complete control. In the book 1984, written by George Orwell this idea is represented by a totalitarian government that controls the everyday life of the people of Oceania. This totalitarian government uses propaganda and decisive tactics to overhold the population. Also an anti-heroic character uses his qualities to rebel and use his given rights; that are believed to be gone. Orwell uses the rebellious character ,Winston, and the plot of the a totalitarian government to establish the theme of independence and identity in the novel. Orwell uses characterization to shape the theme, this well developed …show more content…
This is known as a totalitarian government, similar to the nazi party in Germany during WW2, this type of corruption uses different ways to convince the people to believe in their tactics. Some ways of this propaganda are common enemy and appeal to fear. The use of the propaganda technique of common enemy is used when the people get to witness the public hangings in which the victims are being hung for going against “Big Brother”. Another is appeal to fear, which is represented by “Big Brother” the people fear that he is always watching them, so therefore they need to always respect him and do the right thing. That makes them fear to do the wrong thing. Propaganda is used by this controlling force to make sure the folks of oceania are under their control. Also the people were constantly scared because they were monitored by “Big Brother” such as “ Winston kept his back turned to the telescreen. It was safer; though as he well knew, even a back can be revealing.” (Orwell 3) This quote represents how the government monitors the life of the citizens and represents how they are in complete control over the people. Another thing that made the government a totalitarian was the lies and false information they would release to the public, it was very paradoxical that the Ministry of Truth was in charge of the media, which did the opposite of telling the truth and kept the truth censored to the people. However, because of the government censoring everything from the people it shows that their independence is being taken away. “Perhaps “friend” was not exactly the right word. You did not have friends nowadays, you had comrades; but there were some comrades whose society was a pleasanter than that of others.” (Orwell 48) This quote represents how the government controls the aspects of every person's lifestyle in general. The government doesn't want the people to have friends,

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