Identifying Women And 5 Self Identifying Men Essay

822 Words May 26th, 2016 4 Pages
For this survey, I asked 5 self identifying women and 5 self identifying men “if they would prefer a boy or a girl for their firstborn child.” I did not emphasize whether “boy or a girl” was referring to sex or gender, nor did I ask or give prior information about the differences between these two dynamics. The results concluded that 3 out of 5 women and 2 out of 5 men reported they would want girls for their firstborn. However, 2 out of 5 women and men reported they would want a boy for their first born. Finally, 1 man out of 5 reported he did not care whether his first born was a girl or boy, while 0 women reported this same instance. The results that were most interesting were that more women reported wanting a child who shared the same sex or gender as they, than men who chose the child who would share their same gender or sex, while no women reported that they “didn’t care.” This is significant because it defies the idea that women are submissive or passive, in which an ”I don’t care” answer could come off this way. It also defies the idea that women should not have a preference, because they like men, do have a preference due to the effects of the strong gender emphasis society places on individuals. I also think that it is telling that more women preferred having girls for their first born because this may reveal some unconscious feminist ideals that favors women by women, despite a dominant society that favors men. I predicted that because of this patriarchal…

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