Identification Theft And Identity Theft Essay

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Identity Theft
According to, identity theft is the the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person 's private identifying information, usually for financial gain. To have your identity stolen is an unfortunate event; it can also change your entire life for the worse. Identity theft is very common, especially with the increase in technology, and can easily happen to someone if precautions are not taken. There are a variety of ways to use as protection to try to prevent it from happening, but it is still a possibility. By not being extremely careful with all personal information, one’s risks of identity theft happening to them increases.
One can take precautions on their own along with turning to services offered that also help in protecting from identity theft. While people may take these precautions, there is no guarantee that identity theft will not happen to them. After identity theft happens to a person, they should take more precautions and monitor their personal information much more frequently than before. Although it may take years, a victim of identity theft can return to a normal lifestyle with the help of different services that are offered.
When it comes to identity theft there are two different methods a person could perform to obtain your information. There are many different forms of identity theft such as: insurance theft, medical theft, criminal theft, driver’s license theft, synthetic theft, and child identity theft. Insurance theft…

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