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What performance problems is the captain trying to correct?
Answer –
In the given scenario the problem projected by the police captain is that the young officers who come to the police force are not at all good at doing paper work, they find it boring and hate it. They are much interested to stay out on the streets, either in cars or on a beat instead of doing paper work while sitting in the office. They frequently put off the job or do it inadequately which results in unclear and ambiguous reports which cause the police department to lose court cases. Another problem is that the captain is finding it difficult to figure out the possible ways to motivate them to do the paper work effectively and efficiently. There
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He thinks that the hiring of inexperienced young ones who do not have sufficient role perception and neither are competent is the gist cause of problem, which leads to avoiding the paperwork or recording the history of whole day working for further processing. This poor reporting creates problem in court where there is always need of unambiguous and highly detailed reporting. In overhaul, employees are not motivated neither aware of the job they have to perform nor that's what commissioner is trying to correct.
Q2. Use the MARS model of individual behavior and performance to diagnose the possiblecauses of the unacceptable behavior.
Answer: following may be involved in possible causes of unacceptable behavior:
1. hiring of inexperienced recruits
2. insufficient training programs
3. no "Person-Job Matching" criteria is followed
4. no Role Perception in minds of officers
5. low motivation or Morale Level
1.hiring of inexperienced recruits:
The individual behaviors and performances have a direct impact on the level of experience a person has. Similarly, when young in experienced recruits who are not exposed to the work experience before, are hired in force and are expected to perform practical and written work so delicately, then this perception is totally wrong.
1.Insufficient training programs:
Insufficient training

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