Ibm Case Study Essay

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Case Report:

IBM’s Knowledge Management Proposal for the Ontario Ministry of Education

Executive Summary

In the early 2000s, the Ontario Ministry of Education contracted IBM in order to find a solution to its poor knowledge management. After having examined the organization thoroughly, IBM consultants found five drawbacks: “much of the ministries’ knowledge was tacit, documented knowledge was difficult to locate and share, there were significant cultural issues that inhibited knowledge sharing, EDU has a week knowledge-sharing infrastructure, and managers could not readily identify experts in relevant fields”. As a result, Kathryn Everest, a knowledge management consultant at IBM Canada, developed three options that would be
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The chart below shows the results of the Social Capital Survey. The survey allowed employees of the Ministry to identify what they believed to be important. They then give value to the current status of these criteria on a scale of 1-5 (5 being “strongly agree”). This table shows that employees value sharing information and the ease of consultation with experts but are not satisfied with the ability achievable with their current culture and current structure.

Figure 1 - Social Capital Survey Opportunity Area As Identified by Staff | Importance of Opportunity Area | Satisfaction With Current State | Difference | There is a willingness to share | 4.8 | 3.4 | -1.4 | It is easy to consult others | 4.6 | 3.4 | -1.2 | Sharing is Encouraged | 4.6 | 3.5 | -1.1 | Common context and vocabulary | 4.3 | 3.1 | -1.2 | Sharing is valued through rewards and incentives | 4.2 | 3.1 | -1.1 |

Strengths: * EDU manages $8.1 billion a year for education funding allowing. This amount allows from possible investments in organizational infrastructure; * The EDU has many well-trained experts in many fields; * The firm has a strong community culture; individuals have many informal relationships within the organization; * EDU has many geographic locations giving them capabilities of interacting with the various school districts; and * EDU possess the

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