Essay about Ibm, A Globally Integrated Enterprise ( Gie )

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Introduction This case study is about Sam Palmisano’s, IBM Chairman and CEO, vision to establish IBM as a Globally Integrated Enterprise (GIE) where “Global integration is the new game. Innovation is the way to win. We must be out there connecting across the world.” Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to summarize the key issues necessary to define and develop how GIE is relevant to IBM employees and business partners. Furthermore, provide insights on IBM transformation according to “The Art of Strategic Renewal” and “Drucker, Theory of the Business” articles. Finally, report on how IBM has adjusted since 2008 and has IBM been successful with endeavors.
Global Scope As IBM moved away from a computer manufacturer to a technology solutions company, the organization developed its businesses into four main divisions. Global Technology Services (GTS) focused on client IT infrastructure needs and had revenue of $36 billion while Global Business Services (GBS) handled consulting, system integration, and application management with revenue of $18 billion. Additionally, Global Financing had revenue of $2 billion by offering client financing. Consequently, as three of four divisions existed in the global marketplace, 60% of revenues came internationally, and 65% of employees worked outside the US, IBM divided its global operations into three super regions, including Europe, Middle-East, and Africa (EMEA), Asia Pacific, and the Americas. Hence, created a culture and…

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