Essay Iago Is The Puppet Master Of Shakespeare Othello

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Iago is the puppet master of Shakespeare Othello. He has full control of what happens in the play. That is why the title character should not be Othello, because he really isn’t an important role in the play. Yes the play is called Othello and the play is about him; but Iago is the real title character of the play. The reason he is should be the title character is that he helps the conflict stay alive between the other characters in the play. He also puts lies into the characters to control the outcome, and he also uses the flaws of the characters to his advantage. All of the characters are just puppets in a big game of chess, which is controlled by Iago. Iago main reason of the play, was to become Othello’s lieutenant and bring his downfall. “In personal suit to make me his lieutenant…” (I.i.9). The whole play started with Iago, he was part of conflict of the story. Iago wanting to become Othello’s lieutenant was the main reason the play started; it was not Othello who started the play. Another reason the play is all about Iago is that he wanted to get revenge on Othello and everyone that he hates. “We cannot all be masters, nor all masters Cannot be truly followed” (I.i.42-4). The play was built off of all of Iago’s hateful and revengeful thoughts. If Iago got to be the lieutenant, he would not be in a revengeful mood. So he is going to follow Othello; but really he is just staying close to him to take revenge. It is like that saying “Keep your friends close, but keep…

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