ID Essay: Are Ids Necessary?

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Are IDs Necessary?
IDs come in all different shapes and sizes. There are some things that people might not even think are considered a reliable source of identification. There are two groups of IDs; primary and secondary. A primary ID for a US citizen are; driver’s license, state Id, military Id and US passports. The reasons these are primary Ids are because they have your picture, your current address, your date of birth, your signature and an expiration date. The reason these IDs are more widely accepted are because of the picture on them. There are a number of Secondary IDs. The most common are social security cards, birth certificates, employee IDs, a credit or debit card, and a car registration (Acceptable forms of identification
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Up until 2016, all North Carolina citizens had to do was go to the polls and say their name and address. They then signed next to their name, they were handed a ballot and then they proceeded with the voting process. This “signing in” process is way too easy! People can vote for their family members and even neighbors as long as they know the person’s name and address. The change in the NC voter ID law was enacted in 2013 but later amended in 2015 and will go in effect in 2016. Now North Carolina has a photo Id requirement, but they offer an alternative for people with a “reasonable impediment” (Underhill, …show more content…
In the NC debate Republicans were for the requirement of ids to vote. They believe that it will help prevent dishonesty in the voting polls and also deplete the undocumented immigrant’s vote. It will only allow the eligible citizens to vote. A senator from South Carolina Tim Scott commented on this topic saying, “You can’t get on a plane without showing who you are. You can’t cash a check without showing who you are. So why shouldn’t you have to show who you are when you vote? I don’t really get the whole deal” (Fuller, 2014). Republican Donald Trump speaks on this issue also at the New Hampshire rally. “Trump is claiming that the problem is actually duplicate voting, with people who may or may not be eligible to vote once showing up to vote a second, third or fourth time. Voter impersonation fraud can fall under that umbrella — theoretically, if you can pull off voter impersonation fraud once, you can pull it off twice — but Trump seems to be claiming that American elections look like a caricature of the 19th Century” (Green,

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