I 'm Only Human, By John Dewey Essay

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“I’m only human,” a mundane response to committing an innocent mistake, but this seemingly naive rejoinder carries a deeper meaning of how human beings are anything but perfect. Every week from childhood to early adulthood, people spend more waking hours in school the majority of the year, rather than with family or friends, pursuing their prosperous futures. At school, students are required to take specific classes in order to graduate with little to no choice in what courses they select. Also, students place prodigious amounts of pressure on themselves to perform well in school, often making themselves feel inferior by comparing their grades with others. In a school environment, students are expected to act more like automatons than human beings, being forced to follow austere deadlines, as well as constantly thinking about their future education, as well as careers that might not yet exist. John Dewey, the father of experiential education, believes schooling should prepare people for the improvement of society through the teaching of the humanities and the betterment of critical thinking skills, in which democracy can flourish. The American education system improved some of its blemishes over time, but I believe that Dewey’s vision remains unfulfilled. One of Dewey’s visions for the improvement of society is based around how schooling should take the responsibility of developing students’ critical thinking skills through the application of knowledge and skills to the…

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