I 'm Like The Thunder Essay

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Simply About Me
I’m like the thunder in a storm. I’m the whispering you hear in the wind. I am the little ray of sunshine on a rainy day. I am the reason behind the crease in your cheeks from smiling. I am many things. I’m bold, vibrant, optimistic, open minded, friendly, I’m honest, and full of good advice. I can make you laugh, and feel at peace all at once.
Who Am I
Who am I? I am Brooklyn Bowers, I am brave. I am the first one to try something new, I am the first one to try something challenging. I never give up; I only look forward to the challenges ahead.
I am not a person that is afraid of change, in fact, I enjoy and encourage it! Change is what allows us to step out of our comfort zone, and experience new things.
I am the only one of my siblings to change schools. I didn’t feel challenged enough at Delton Kellogg High School, so I transferred to a new school. That school was more than three times the size of my old school, and they offered much more challenging classes.
Even though all odds have been against me, I will not give up. For example, writing is something that I am not particularly good at. I find this to be incredibly challenging and difficult, however, I will not give up. Instead, I pursued a writing class. Some may call this ignorant, but I see it as an opportunity. I will not stop trying, until I have reached a successful point in my writing career.
What I Enjoy.
I am a very helpful person, at least I like to be. I don’t care what the situation is,…

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