I Would Consider Myself As A Minority Race Essay

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I would consider myself as being able to “fit in” based on my appearance as there was not a lot of differences between myself and my peers growing up. Even though I am not truly aware of all of the privileges that I experienced based on the fact of being white, however I do know that I did not have to face the hardships of individuals of a minority race would have faced in a predominately white community in the past or in the current times. On the other hand, I was not exposed to the diversity pertaining to different races, cultures, and diversity in general.
I was not included in the dominate group when consideration is given to my gender. I am a female and the dominate gender as I was growing up always appeared to be the male. I always felt like my brother was treated better than I was. He wasn’t expected to do the same things that I was expected to do and he was allowed to do other things that I wasn’t allowed to do. My mother would always ensure that my brother was able to play sports, yet never attempted to get me involved in any type of extra-curricular activities. My brother was a straight A student and I often times struggled in school. There were many times that my mother would say positive things about my brother to others, but it was just the opposite for me.
In the area of language I was part of the dominate group as I spoke English. My family spoke English along with the members of my community. I don’t recall ever hearing anyone speak another language until I…

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