I Was Not As Nervous As I Thought I Essay

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I was not as nervous as I thought I would be. Since I had been observing the previous 12 classes, I already knew the students and they knew me. I decided to introduce this new topic by telling them that I had gone to the supermarket and bought food. Before the class, I was not quite sure about doing this. I thought they were too old and they would mock at me when they realise I had not bought real food but I had only a set of flashcards. As the presentation of the new lexical items took place, I felt better because they were aware that it was like a game and I did not have real food. They showed themselves interested and eager to guess the new vocabulary.
Class 2
As a warm-up I implemented a game in which they had to guess which card one of the students was holding. They are a very noise group and they shout the answers without listening to their partners. They can perform the questions with my help.
Then they complete a listening task in which they had to draw what they listened and later a word search. They did not have serious problems when performing those tasks.
I realise I planned a very long class. There were too many activities for so little time. I will make them perform the two activities I left out in the following classes.

Class 3
We started the class with a Hello song. Some of them were a bit shy but I guess it was because they are not used to sing in class.
The students performed an activity in which they had to draw what they read. I allow them to have more…

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