I Walked Through The Museum Essay

1935 Words Dec 7th, 2016 8 Pages
As I walked through the museum, I looked for a piece of art that spoke to me on a personal level, having picked a Mexican Museum it wasn’t hard seeing a sculpture or painting and relating it to my childhood or connecting it to my visits to Mexico. As I was leaving, I stopped by a colorful painting that really grabbed my attention, and looked at the description and the painting for some time. I was with my younger brother and had explained to him the details of the museum visit for this class, and told him I had trouble finding a painting. He looked around and his eyes landed on the same painting that I was analyzing moments before and with a smirk he said to choose that one. The painting is by Oscar Moya and is called Nopal En La Frente/Cactus on the Forehead. On basic inspection, the painting is of a man with blue skin, jet black hair, black eyes, a bright yellow shirt and a forest green cactus paddle on his forehead, called a Nopal in Spanish. My first reaction was to laugh because from the first moment my eyes landed on the painting, I knew exactly what phrase the artist was conveying without looking at the description. “Nopal en la frente” is an old mocking Mexican phrase that is used when someone has evident Mexican traits or denies their culture or language and try to pass as another nationality. I chose this piece because it is something I can relate to, I have used this saying to describe others and have had this phrases used to describe me. I have heard this phrase…

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