I Think You Should Buy Her Beautiful Diamond Earrings Essay

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“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” Klaus complains as the three siblings walk through the doors of the mall, shaking his head at the frantic last minute shoppers. Though Klaus acts disinterested in helping his brother, he cares for Y/N as if she was his little sister. But, he doesn’t like to broadcast it to the world as it might seem like a weakness, according to the original hybrid. The Mikaelson Christmas party is tomorrow and Elijah hasn’t bought a present for you. Talk about procrastination, even original vampires fall victim to it.
“Oh shush, brother. Our lovestruck brother needs help to find the perfect gift for his girlfriend.” Rebekah defends Elijah as Christmas shopping and just shopping, in general, is her favourite thing to do.
“Thank you, little sister. Now, do you two have any ideas as to what I should buy for Y/N?”
“I think you should buy her beautiful diamond earrings.”
“Boring,” Klaus adds with a slight bit of annoyance.
“Well, do you have anything better, Niklaus?”
“Buy her perfume and lingerie.”
“Who knew our brother was such an expert in what woman want for Christmas…” Elijah said, amused by his brother 's words.
“You wanted my help, so take it or leave it, brother.”
“I’ve already bought her all of those things.”
“Y/N’s a lovely girl, she’ll love anything you get her, Elijah.” Rebekah smiles in an attempt to calm her brother’s nerves down.
As the three strolled through the mall, something had caught Elijah’s eye. A beautiful diamond necklace…

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