I Shouldn 't Be Hanging Around With People Like That Essay

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You really shouldn 't be hanging around with people like that." Soren said with a clear expression of distaste on his face.
For a brief moment Leah an emotion on his face... jealousy maybe? Whatever it was it was really quite unattractive.
"And why is that? Because they 're "not like us"?" She asked sarcastically, using air quotes around the phrase "not like us". She rolled her eyes.
"That 's a good why to put it." Soren said matter-a-factly. "They 're the delinquents I was telling you about."
"Seriously bad news, those guys." Said one girl Leah didn 't know.
The longer Leah looked at the two groups the wider the distance between them seemed to get. Figuratively of course, since the hallway now seemed too small for both. Soren with his group, well groomed, well dressed, even their posture seemed straighter than the other group. On the other hand, *** 's group looked friendly, familiar, relaxed. If Leah didn 't know any better, she 'd of thought they were all related. (Which they could have been, just not in the traditional sense any.)
"Well they seem nice enough." Leah insisted. "They may not be rich or whatever but you have no reason to be such a jerk Soren." Leah took one step closer to the other group. She had a strange feeling, almost like she was being drawn to them.
She felt a firm tug on her arm, bringing her back to reality.
It was Soren. He grabbed her arm and was holding it uncomfortably tight.
"What-?" Leah began to ask. He pulled her closer to his group…

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