I Know Why The Caged Bird Can Not Read Essay

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Humor Essay
Many works of literature today have persuasive strategies incorporated in them to grab the reader’s attention. Most of the time, writers also use strategies such as humor to send a crucial message to the audience. While this is one effective way of sending a message, other writers utilize formal writing to express the seriousness of a problem. Both methods are effective in getting a message across; however, writing without humor is stronger than those with humor because it is straightforward and comprehensible.
Works without the use of humor have a stronger effect on the readers due to the fact that writers get their point across right away, which make it easier for the audience to comprehend. For example, in Francine Prose’s “I Know Why The Caged Bird Cannot Read,“ she stresses the lack of importance in the literature students read. When she states, “that I should find myself teaching...eager college undergraduate and graduate students would-be writers handicapped” (Prose 180), she informs the audience that literature students are being taught have no impact on their education because no essential skill is retained. In addition, Prose shows her disappointment in the teachers who are ineffectively educating their students with the current works of literature. She emphasizes her message directly to the audience by being critically honest. Since she informs the audience in an honest manner, she makes it easier for the readers to realize the problems she…

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