I Kissed Dating Goodbye Summary

“The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.”
― Joshua Harris, I Kissed Dating Goodbye: A New Attitude Toward Relationships and Romance
Dating is an interesting thing nowadays. People consider it a something all teenagers do for fun. The book I read this quarter, I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris, goes against this thinking and explains how we should approach dating as young men and women in Christ. He talks about dating as something that is not to be played with. It is a serious endeavor that should only really be embarked upon when getting married is actually on your mind. It is rather pointless outside of that. This book has revolutionized my views on dating, and has given me a guide that I hope will carry with me till I actually find that special someone. Joshua Harris included many of his own views in this book, and I have to say they make a lot of sense. He suggests that dating is a natural thing and not a sin, but it must be awakened at the proper time. He tells us how wasting energy, time, and resources on relationships that
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His view on dating is, while considered by many to be obnoxious and unnecessary, I feel is very viable and makes a lot of sense. If you think about it, why would you be dating someone you know you could never marry? Dating supposed to be used to find a mate, and I like the way Harris really nails this point home. The energy you put into a relationship could be used to better yourself in other ways such as school, work, or doing God’s work. Relationships usually end in heartbreak at the end, so why not just completely avoid it? I also like the way he emphasizes how even just kissing or hugging a lot is something that should be saved for marriage. No one seems to share this view, and you’re criticized quite often for thinking the same. If only more people in the world shared Harris’s view on dating, because relationships would be much cleaner and free from

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