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The title of my novel is Babe and Me. The author of my novel is Dan Gutman. This author Dan Gutman has already previously written numerous amount of sport books and I think that this one is the best. The type of genre this novel would be is historical fiction. This would be historical fiction because the story is about an actual famous baseball player but the story didn 't actually happen in the past.
The protagonist of my novel is Joe Stoshack. In the novel Joe gets angry with his dad at the beginning of the novel and furious at a lot of other things when something negative happens. “What?” I yelled, turning around to find the ump. “I beat it out! I beat the ball to the bag (Gutman 11)!” This is showing how raged that he gets when he does
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Later on in the story it takes place in New York and mainly in 1932 with Joe, dad, and Babe Ruth. During the rising action Joey comes back from a tough lost on his baseball team and blames it all on himself. The father of Joey comes back the next day and says that he needs a way to get money for himself because he lost his job but he does not want to accept the check form Joey’s mom. Then Joey realizes that he has baseball cards that can make him travel back him time during that time period and they both get the idea to make money back in time. Then the climax would be they both got the Babe Ruth and card that Joey had and both put their hands on the card. Then they both traveled back in time. The falling action would be them getting to New York and finding a way to find Babe Ruth. The father finds out that Babe Ruth is throwing a party the next night in a hotel and the dad goes to buy 75 baseballs for Babe Ruth to sign to make a good amount of money off the baseballs. Babe signs all 75 baseballs at the party but then all three of them get out of the party and go to a fancy restaurant. Babe Ruth passes out from how much food he eats then when he wakes up he realizes that he has to make it to his game in Chicago for game three. They all go on a train to Chicago and Joey and the father meet some players along the way. Then later on In the game Babe scores two homers and by the fifth inning Joey finds out that Babe really called his shot in the left side of the field. Joey caught the called shot baseball from Babe Ruth and it was too late to get his autograph. The resolution would be them traveling back in time and giving a few kids the called shot baseball who had no baseball

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