I Have Never Thought Of My Life As Divided Between Poetry And Politics

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“I have never thought of my life as divided between poetry and politics,” Pablo Neruda said in his September 30, 1969, acceptance speech as the Chilean Communist Party candidate for the presidency. “I am a Chilean who for decades has known the misfortunes and difficulties of our national existence and who has taken part in each sorrow and joy of the people.” He mentions in his interview that he does not believe using symbols because he is straight-forward and he writes about materials that he can see. On the contrary, Pablo Neruda is a poet that is very caring and likes to impact people’s lives and through his beliefs in poetry with a lot of personifying and defamiliarization, which can be viewed as symbols from other readers and writers. “I am not a stranger to them, I come from them, and I am part of the people. I come from a working-class family . . . I have never been in with those in power and have always felt that my vocation and my duty was to serve the Chilean people in my actions and with my poetry. I have lived singing and defending them.” As he started his adolescent years, he changed his name to Pablo Neruda. He mentions that his name came from Prague and as a Chilean he is kind to all of them because they include him as a part of the nation. Pablo Neruda uses a simile in his interview, in which he says that “writing is like breathing and he cannot survive without either one of them.” He is proud that he makes a lot of people adore him in an emotional way. He…

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