I Have Loved The Stars Essay examples

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I have always loved the stars. When I was a kid road trips were something akin to going to Disneyland for me. I never fell asleep in the car like my brother. My eyes were always wide open. I loved racing through the interstate in the middle of nowhere. My Dad and I the only ones in the car awake, his music on, cheesy lyrics playing softly in the background.
It was just us, the never-ending road ahead,and the stars.
When I became a teenager I lost all my appreciation for my dad’s cheesy disco music but I still loved road trips. The last road trip was an impromptu trip to Vegas. We left before the sunset and were due to arrive some time in the night. My Dad had turned on the radio to an ‘80’s “feel good” station. The end of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time after Time’ was fading out, and right after the opening notes of ‘You’re the One That I Want’ from ‘Grease’ started playing. My mom and I start singing and dancing in our seats. We belted out the lyrics fervently. While my dad and brother got into it too, singing “Ooooh ooooh honey.” It was yellow and hazy and we were golden. All the smile lines on my mom’s face illuminated like a constellation of her life. My brother’s boyish face twisted in laughter, head thrown back, his cherry tomato cheeks warm and full, happy. My Dad’s hands on the wheel, eyes on the road occasionally stealing looks at my mom and peering at us through the rearview, a satisfied smile resting on his face. We were chasing the sun.
I had just started high school,…

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