I Hated Saturdays As A Child Essay examples

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samedi I hated Saturdays as a child. My Saturdays did not consist of sleeping in after a hard five days of school, having play dates with my friends, or watching Cartoon Network in my pajamas. Instead, this is how my Saturdays went: scrambling out of bed at eight o’clock in the morning to cram in some study time for a list of Chinese characters that I had not looked at since the previous Saturday, eating breakfast with my family and my textbook open next to my plate of eggs, riding in the car while trying my best to not let the bumps and stops in the road jostle my handwriting, and finally sitting in a classroom with a blank vocabulary quiz in front of me, resenting my parents for forcing me to attend Chinese School each and every Saturday. I did not understand why they were so insistent on taking my childhood Saturdays away from me. That was how my Saturdays were for a few years, but the resentment eventually evolved into gratefulness as I realized that learning Chinese was a way to connect back to my roots, expand my knowledge about the culture, and maintain a form of communication with the rest of my family in China. However, it was not until high school that I understood the importance of learning a second language. High schools in the United States are not mandated to have a foreign language requirement. Many typically have an arts requirement that foreign language would fall under. Despite the fact that foreign language is not a necessity to graduate high school,…

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