I Hate Violence, And A Beautification Of Violence Essay

726 Words Apr 25th, 2016 3 Pages
I really hate violence, and a beautification of violence. When I was a student, or a soldier, there were a lot of violence in almost all groups I was in. The biggest reason why I love to study in the US is that it is not possible to watch a violent situation in the school. If someone uses violence to another student, he will be arrest and expelled from the school. It is a reasonable result to protect students and prevent a huge crime in the class. However, in Korea, it is not possible to expel the criminal who used violence to other students even though the professors of faculties knew about it. In Korea, there is a terrible culture that it is better to suppress anger even though someone hit him. It is not reasonable. Because of the culture, it is not possible to eradicate violence in the school and groups in Korea. When I was a member of VDL sales team, one of my bosses recommended me this movie. He told me this movie was so impressive for him. Honestly, I do not have a huge interest in a music movie, but I decided to watch this movie because of his recommendation. When I watched this movie, I felt a huge displeasure and pleasure at the same time. The reason why I felt the displeasure was that in the movie, there was a lot of violence by professor. The reason why I felt the pleasure was that the victim of the violence could revenge on the professor, and it gave me a great satisfaction. The hero of this movie was an ordinary student of a music school. He was a freshman…

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