Essay on I Chose For My Interview

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The individual that I chose for my interview is a 37 year old male who was born and raised in Germany, but presently resides in northern Indiana. He relocated to the United States for work-related reasons. His name is Michael Drue and he is, at this time, married to my first cousin Krisha, a native English speaker, having been born in the United States. I chose Michael as the person of interest for my intercultural interview not only because he is speaks English as a second language, but also because of the point of view he was able to give me regarding the difficulties that language and cultural barriers may present in an interpersonal relationship. When I enquired at what age he was when he started to learn English as his second language, Michael replied that he was twelve years old. He said that English was incorporated into the curriculum where he attended school in Germany as a child and they started learning English by engaging in hour-long lessons in the English language. When I enquired about what methods were utilized in instructing the German children in learning English as a second language, Michael replied that during the course of the one hour lessons every day, the teacher would talk to the students in English only. He also articulated that the students worked from English textbooks that had been designed specifically for foreign language learners. He said that they learned to become more proficient in English by practicing conversations with their…

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