Essay on I Am Wearing The Right Clothes?

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Friendship Sitting at school in the lobby, there is a girl walking by. Seeing her multiple times a week, it does not appear that she has a lot of friends. Not one friendship can be considered the same, so she possibly could have plenty of friends, they might not talk a lot. Making friends isn’t as hard as some think. Talking to new people is the first think that needs to take place. After talking to that new person, forming a relationship will take place. It never fails that hanging out at ridiculous hours takes place in friendships as well.
Sitting in the chair procrastinating whether to talk to her or not. Yes, talking to new people can be kind of terrifying. Always thinking, what will she think of a total stranger. “Do I look pretty enough?” “Am I wearing the right clothes?” Finally, after getting over the fear, a total stranger went to talk to her. At first it was an awkward “hey” and then she would say, “hey” back. Showing each other what classes they were taking, come to find out had English together, but we never knew we were in the same class. Talking to each other more and more everyday formed a relationship that can never be broken.
Kelsey is her name. Forming a relationship with Kelsey will probably be one of the hardest things. Trust is something that needs to be in a friendship. Kelsey has no family, no friends, and she does not even have a house. Her parents left her about a year ago, who blames her that she does not trust anyone? Relating to Kelsey is…

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