Essay on I Am Proud Of Myself

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If there is anything I am proud of myself for, it is how I can manage a diverse set of friends, each with their own special attributes. I have a set of friends I met in high school, a set of homeschool friends, and a set of church friends, not to mention the family relationships I have amongst my over 30 cousins. None of these friend groups intersect or have interacted with another, for which I am glad. While I still consider my former high school classmate Spencer as my best friend, I have grown closer to my friend Alex, part of the homeschool set of friends. While he is two years younger than me, we don’t see that as much of a separation. We share similar “geeky” interests and quirky personalities, complement each other’s skill sets, and reciprocate our desire to hang out for reasons deeper than the event or activity we share. Of all the friendships I have at this moment, my friendship with the Alex is the one I see evolving the most, and hence is a perfect example to analyze its interpersonal qualities. Directly approaching may not always be the preferred way of dealing with conflicts, but it usually is the quickest. When we have had opposing desires, or a misunderstanding, we’ve pulled to metacommunication to sort things out. One of the first instances I can think of is how I used to be more insistent on finishing an activity we started. On one night, I remember trying to set up some new custom mod for a Wii game. I had discussed with Alex how improved the…

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