I Am Jonathan Blackwell And I Was Born Essay

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I am Jonathan Blackwell and I was born in 1870 in Great Britain. I was born into a bourgeois family in London and my father owned two factories. From a young age I was groomed by my family and my social group to become a capitalist. Therefore when I went to one of the best boarding schools in the country and went on to Oxford. However, one day as I was walking to one of my classes while in college a man handed me a pamphlet about the exploitation of factory workers in London by the wealthy capitalists and elites. This writing interested me so much that I felt the need to look further into it and that led me to join a club called The Young Socialists of Oxford where I learned more about socialism and communism to my parents distress. The ideology was so appealing to me that I asked my father if I could institute some of the principles in his factories which he quickly shot down. I went on to refuse to run any of his factories after his death which prompted my disinheritance. Although I no longer had a source of income in which to pay my tuition fellow members of The Young Socialists of Oxford assisted me. At the age of 23 I had finished my studies and decided that I wanted to be an author. I was particularly interested in the plight of the colonized peoples, so I resolved to travel the world not to spread the revolution, but to observe their plight and published pamphlets and books about it in Great Britain. Over the course of 18 years I have traveled to the Jamaica, Sierra…

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