Essay on I Am Going At Start Living Like A Mystic

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In the poem “I am Going to Start Living like a Mystic” Edward Hirsch describes his view of his natural surroundings as he walks around a park. A walk through the natural world could be like a pilgrimage as stated by Edward Hirsch. Looking at the trees, the sky, the snow, and all the beauty that nature has to offer, as a human one wonders and expands upon his or her idea of nature and its tangible limitations. However, at the same time one may lose focus and fall into delusion, as the human heart is naturally attracted by anything that is beautiful. It is a fine description by Edward Hirsch, as he expresses the natural world in words. “walking across the park in a dusky snowfall. The trees stand like twenty-seven prophets in a field, each a station in a pilgrimage- silent, pondering” (line 2). The snowflakes look all the same, but certainly each has its own unique shape, and this is a mystery for humankind: “blue flakes of light falling across their bodies are the ciphers of a secret…” (Hirsch, line 5-6) as to how no two snowflakes have the same shape. Despite being made of clear ice they appear as white, and this is due to the reflection of the whole spectrum of light by the small crystal facets of the snowflakes.
The poet conjures upon the view of the natural world. The natural surroundings give the feeling of emptiness, and the poet sees the leaves of the trees as text, which seem to provide the clues that make the meaning of the augury. There is a sense of quietness and…

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