Essay about I Am An Interesting Class

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This was an interesting class. There is a definite need and that need was expressed in that we need to pick up the level of conversation that we are having. The book mentions conversations that touch at the very fabric of humanity, something that is all encompassing, which if we are being honest religion fits perfectly. This discussion was started and we went around the room discussing our belief systems. It was all very generic, almost every person in the room stated that they believed in god and all of those who said they did came from the Christian persuasion. This was interesting because many individuals admitted that they follow the bible to a certain point and definitely don’t subscribe to the strictest of teachings in stating that everything in the bible is true and all that.
Noel stated that he was raised as a Southern Baptist but kind of fell away from it as he grew older. The common perception among all the individuals in the class resulted in a consensus that there is a live let live kind of attitude towards religious choice, and that nobody, at least publicly, went into the idea that their version of religion is the only true form of religion. When it got to my turn I went into my belief system, which was similar to Dr. Noes views in that we are both agnostic. Agnostic, the name sounds funny doesn’t it? The kind of word that you imagine coming out of someone with a nasally voice. My belief structure is that I believe in the possibility of god, but am not…

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