Essay on I Am An Adult With 2 Children

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Initially, when I began this class, I thought that I had been pretty well informed about how my body worked as a woman and quite a bit about how a man’s body works considering I am an adult with 2 children already. I suppose I had thought that this alone was enough for me to be somewhat knowledgeable in regards to human sexuality and, in result, I thought that this class would be just a review for me. As the course progressed, however, I came to find fairly quickly that what I thought I knew a lot about was actually, in reality, very little compared to everything I had learned by the end of the class.
The purpose of my paper is to present the things I already knew prior to this class, what I know now, and the questions that arose for me as I progressed through the course. I have broken up my paper into sections based on each competency for easier reading. It is my hope for this paper to demonstrate my understanding in terms of all of the things I have learned in this course and a few of the topics I would like to obtain more information about.
Apply the sociobiological theory to the development of sexual identity and sexual practices
The sociobiological theory is basically our own way of explaining how we view our own sexuality, how we engage in sexual activity, and what we as a society accept as sexually appropriate or inappropriate. According to the textbook: Human Sexuality: From Cells to Society, this is “based on evolutionary forces that have been…

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