I Am A Pencil By Sam Swope Essay

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I am a Pencil by Sam Swope is written from the teacher’s experiences with becoming an elementary school teacher in Queens, New York. Swope writes in a perspective of the teacher; where he guides the students’ writing, confronted their realities, and encouraged them to put their full effort into their success. When reading the preface, it explained that his students came from twenty-one different countries and spoke eleven different languages. He explains that the majority of the students came from Latin America, ten of the students were Asian, one student was Turkish, one student was Egyptian and half-Croatian, and a half-Bosnia-Herzegovinan girl. Swope organizes the novel in chronologically according to the projects the students were assigned. Like all classrooms, there are ups and downs that affect the students’ learning habits and difficulties. Just by reading the preface, one can tell that public schools in the United States are very different. I am a Pencil made teachers seem more involved and very caring, pushing the students to succeed; it made students seem like they were from all around, making it an obstacle for the teachers and the students.

According to Swope, the background of his students affected how they succeeded educationally. Swope had the students read the poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”. He told them that it was a famous poem written by an American businessman named Wallace Stevens. He wanted to express the fact that Stevens was a…

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