Hydro-Fracking Synopsis Essay

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Hydro-Fracking Synopsis Hydraulic Fracturing, commonly known as Hydro-Fracking is a newly discovered drilling technique for extracting natural gas from rock shale formations. These shale formations are quite abundant throughout the United States the largest being the Marcellus which encompasses a range of West Virginia to Upstate New York. Estimates predict that these 30 shale formations could provide enough natural gas for US consumption for 118 years (Fortin). Although there appears to be vast amounts of shale fissures containing natural gas within our nation, the extraction process has come under harsh scrutiny. The process of drilling and extracting these gases from the shale formations requires creating …show more content…
The House Energy and Commerce committee found that, “The companies used 94 million gallons of 279 products that contained at least one chemical or component that the manufacturers deemed proprietary or a trade secret.” (Knickerbocker, 2011) Not disclosing information leads many to question the environmental impact of the hydro-fracking process. In Pennsylvania and out west there have been many reported cases of ground water, drinking water, and surface water contamination. In Allentown, Pa, 13 families are suing Southwestern Energy Co, for contamination due to leaking hydro-fracking fluid for spoiling drinking water and the illness of children. The attorney Peter Cambs representing these families stated, “The fracking fluid leaked into the aquifer and contaminated wells within several thousand feet, if not more.” (The Associated Press, 2010) Although the connection between the drilling and water contamination seems to be clear, the oil and gas industry is refuting these claims. The lack of control over the process of drilling/extracting natural gas on both the federal and state level, results in not realizing that true impact of these operations. In New York State, many communities have voiced their opposition to these drilling activities, but Governor Cuomo is attempting to end

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