`` Hybrid Theory Was Released By Linkin Park Essay examples

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In 2000, Hybrid Theory was released by Linkin Park, a rock band that started in the 90s. One of their songs on the album "Crawling" says, "Fear is how I fall…Confusing what is real…There 's something inside me…That pulls beneath the surface...I stand beside my own reflection…It 's haunting, how I can 't seem/To find myself again"(Linkin Park3-6,21-23). This particular song can be interpreted to be about fear and drugs. The first two lines say that fear is the cause of their own downfall and that fear is not exactly something tangible but more of a concept in itself; that fear does not exist. There is something inside one 's own self that causes the speaker to be bothered and to be put under a trace so immense that he feels can no longer recognize himself. This derives from the effects of drugs and the idea that drugs will hurt him and cause him to undergo a change in which he looses himself. This loss of self-control threatens the speaker and that is what becomes the very idea of fear. He is threatened by the drug effects and threat causes a reaction to the brain to conjure up fear in humans.

William Golding wrote a fascinating novel published on September 15 ,1954 ,titled Lord of the Flies that in literal terms is merely about a group of boys who survived a plane crash on a secluded island. In actuality, the book has a deeper meaning. Golding himself said that there is allegory in this novel, and the book is filled with it. Religion and psychology are two types of…

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