Hurt People Hurt People Essay

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Hurt People Hurt People

A Critique

Lynetric Rivers
Liberty University

COUN 507 B01 Summer 2010
Term Deadline: 6/13/2010
Instructor’s Name: Diane Powell
Hurt People Hurt People
A Critique

Dr. Wilson opens her book by stating, “It’s true, isn’t it? Hurt people hurt people.” (2001 pg.9) It is Dr. Wilson’s belief that by shedding light on Hurt People Hurt People she shows a cycle that can be broken. Wilson explores unseen wounds, how they are created through childhood, and caretakers within our lifetime. Dr.Wilson exhaustively demonstrates the help there is for the different wounds
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There are several examples of each item listed above and some of the outcomes. She discusses physical and sexual abuse in detail. “Parents and other adult authority figures who neglect and abuse children in these figures who neglect and abuse children in these and other ways are truest bandits. They steal a child’s capacity for trust with profound effect on the child’s later relationships with God and others.” (2001, pg.54) By misrepresenting the truths of parenting Wilson exposes how much damage parents inflict upon their children. Children who do not grow up with security, safety, and validation they fail to see their self worth.
Healing works on several levels, Dr. Wilson gives different ideals to deal with healing self concept and perfectionism wounds. She tells the reader to know the difference among self focused and self awareness, learning who you are and how you characterize yourself. “As healing progresses you will continually redefine yourself as you reevaluate the events of your childhood in way that accept them as parts of your personal history without letting them claim the core of your identity.” (2001, pg. 117) Wilson provides a worshipers’ H.O.P.E Chart, this is a healing overview and progress evaluation chart. She breaks down key issues, seeing truth, new choices and new practices. This allows the reader to assess regions of spiritual wounds. This can be very

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