Humans Vs. Primates Humans Essay

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Humans Vs. Primates Primates and humans go through a similar daily life that has its ups and downs. It’s a struggle, but both parties seem to use their tools to still get through life. It is said that humans have aspects where they are related to animals. But what is it that makes primates different from humans? Primates are different from humans due to their senses, teeth, how they move, how they reproduce, behavior, vocal communication in their everyday life. The senses that primates have are almost exactly similar to humans, but it’s how those senses affect the primates that are different to humans. Since most primates have enhanced vision, their hearing and smell are greatly reduced. It’s easy to point out a primate that has a poor sense of smell based on if they a low projecting snout. Although, the primates vision has an “increased depth perception and seeing in color. The eye’s convergence provides significant overlap in the visual fields and thus greater sense of depth” (Larsen 161). When it comes to touch, it’s also enhanced due “to the presence of dermal ridges (fingerprints and toe prints) on the inside surfaces of the hands and feet” (Larsen 160). These senses help primates to have evolutionary success over animals for their ability to live longer. These primates are always living in trees from their great sense of touch, this advantage gets them out of danger from being a prey on the ground. Also their vision helps them “spotting insects and other prey within…

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