Essay about Humanitarian Intervention On Moral Grounds

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Humanitarian intervention on moral grounds is easily justified but the use of military force is complicated as there are political and economic costs involved. In the post-cold war era, the discussion has been about whether it is a country’s prerogative to intervene in a sovereign nation’s affairs or it is a matter of moral obligation to protect the people from atrocities inflicted by their own countrymen.

Use of military force can be very costly in terms of casualties both civilian and of security forces. The benefits can be attributed to whether an intervention has restored peace, saved lives and provided long-term stability. Cost of intervention can be high and benefits minimum but by not intervening, countries may face even higher costs and risks due to spillover effects. The question should not be whether an intervention will have more costs or benefits but rather the scope of intervention which would generate more benefits than costs in the shortest time.

A major benefit of humanitarian intervention is that it helps stop atrocities towards civilians and sometimes peacekeeping forces help restore peace although that is not always the case. Intervention can also provide economic benefits by helping rebuild the country. Economic sanctions/embargos also create benefits by forcing a country to agree to international demands. Other benefits include placing a friendly regime in control, influence the outcome of the conflict or other material interests.

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