Human Trafficking Is The New World Essay example

1553 Words Apr 15th, 2016 null Page
President Barack Obama (2010) said, “Our Nation was founded on the enduring principles of equality and freedom for all. As Americans, it is our solemn responsibility to honor and uphold this legacy.” The entire world has an enormous issue that’s human trafficking. The human trafficking is the new illness around the world. Moreover, countries have affected with the modern illness of destroyed human rights. It 's a serious cause that can put any person in fear, depression, and many physicals issues. The phenomenon of human trafficking is not new, it is as old as history has since been persecuted human rights and his brother in executing against most types of crime, At the time that God created the human in the best stature and generosity and best honored. It is intended that the rights regardless of religion, race, color, must take all legal and religious rights of life and to live a decent life. Although this phenomenon (trafficking) have been denied in all divine laws and the laws of international humanitarian and human societies, but in different regions of the world practiced slavery forms and different kinds of public towards vulnerable. The phenomenon of human trafficking one 's of almost serious threats to human security, and feeds this phenomenon wars, conflicts, poverty, backwardness and other threats to global security. Human trafficking is a crime against humanity, forbid religious and humanitarian principles underlying bail of human rights and respect for…

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