Human Trafficking Is The Illegal Trade Of People With The Purpose Of Exploiting Them For Income

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Sex trafficking is the illegal trade of people with the purpose of exploiting them for income. It is the fastest growing international crime. There are many forms of human trafficking in which traffickers can exploit their victims, 18% of victims are introduced to labour where they are forced to commit acts of slavery or practices similar to slavery and servitude. 3% of victims are in the ‘other’ category which can involve the removal of organs and the remaining 79% of victims are used for sexual exploitation which is the main reason that humans are trafficked. The victims are obtained using force, fraud or deception and then used to generate income for their traffickers who can also be referred to as ‘pimps’.
Human Trafficking affects a significant proportion of the world and the impacts the issue has on individuals and societies is destructive. The issue is been based on a balance between the supply of victims from source countries and the demand for victims from destination countries. Over time this demand has gradually increased, which means that traffickers need a greater supply of victims who usually come from countries where they can easily be recruited. The migration and trafficking patterns are studied by various organisations who classify countries as either "source," "transit" or "destination" areas. Some areas are only source countries; this is where traffickers supply and recruit people to be trafficked. People can be trafficked either internationally or…

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