Human Trafficking : How This Criminal Network Became A World Organization

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Human Trafficking: How This Criminal Network Became a World Organization Modern day slavery is prevailing in our advanced, post-savage societies all throughout the world. It never looks the same, from domestic servitude, forced labor, child labor, bonded labor and even sex trafficking, it is still a very prominent form of income for many people, a source of terror for others, all the while becoming the norm in these societies. China is a very popular destination for human trafficking, in particular from Vietnam. Other major countries that human trafficking networks in Vietnam might sell these people to are Cambodia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Britain and Czech Republic, as seen on the map below. Also seen on the map is the statistic that sixty percent of victims of human trafficking from Vietnam were taken to China. There were approximately 5,000 human trafficking cases in six years, from 2004-2010. This statistic is sadly shocking, all the while becoming more of a trend all across the world. Vietnam and China are bordering countries, making it an easier travel for the human traffickers, than say the United States would be. When people are taken, they are predominantly female, and are taken into China. They drug or trick the women in order to abduct them, sometimes by the promise of a job. Vietnamese women are incredibly important in China, making them a rare commodity. They are transferred across the boarder by boat, car, or even by motorbikes.…

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